Turixxx -voice
Bomboletto -lead guitar
Diego j Boy - second guitar
Sandrino - drums
Giorgio - bass

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We're Whales'Island from south Italy and exatly from Palermo (sicily) a little island with a big big heart! we're a melodic band,a little bit hardcore, a little bit punk, a little bit indie rock..but very melodic, sound,like Set your goals, Polar bear club, Strike anywhere, Death is not glamorous and much more.. We're playing togheter from 2 years,have the same passion inside for the music,for this world,for this subculture,and WE WANT TO LIVE OUR LIFE AT ITS BEST. WE WANT TO HAVE FUN AND EXPLANE OUR POINT OF VIEW WITH OUR SOUND...this is what we saying... so glad to talk with u in this moment about us and about our music,and we canT wait to start really grate work everyday!

After 2 years playing , 1 demo recorded here in our town at Dial Tone Studio, 1 full lenght cd recorded during April 2010 @ Acme studio (Sulmona - Abruzzo) and out for our great label Indelirium Records, we're ready to put out a new 7" vinyl with 3 brand new songs for Indelirium Records , Raining Records, Noreason Records and World's Appreciated Kitsch Records (Greece).

We've a strong line up and we're proud of it,we're not just a band but we're at first a great family ready to play in everywhere and ready to do always somethings at it best for us and for all the people that everyday support and follow us!