IN-SANE are:

Dario - Guitar, vocals
Mateja - Bass, vocals
Shagie - Drums

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IN-SANE are one of the Slovenian finest products.
Their roots going way back to the age, when guys where just little boys and inspired by rebellious fast punk rock music. For those keeping score that was in 1997.

They started playing music inspired by bands like NOFX, Millencolin, Bad Religion and Pennywise. Soon they decided it was time to follow their own path.
In the age of labeling, it was decided they should try so called HEART-CORE. Even that the guys are against music labels or any kind of labeling for that matter (as is it simply not punk rock, as they would point out), however this label describes them perfectly. Their tunes come straight from the heart, where even the coldest hearts are warmed by the melting music coming from this three piece. Their live shows are an experience on their own. There has not been a bad review of their live show in ages, as they really show all that punk rock should be about; energy and dedication and of course D.I.Y. ethics and the passion behind it.

In-sane have already relentlessly toured through most of the Europe and have made a name for themselves. Everything you heard about them is true. If you have never heard of them before, this new cd, "Trust These Hands… are Worthless', will change that, and soon you will find yourself banging along to the songs, raising your hands in the air and singing along to the songs. The cd should come with a warning, watch out, if you do not want to be addicted to the brand of In-Sane heart-core.