Marco - Guitars & Vocals
Toni - Drums & Vocals
Bernd - Bass & Vocals
Zock - Lead Vocals & Guitars

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Blasting out of a dirty basement's rehearsal room there comes the straight forward punkrock sound of Austria's very own ASTPAI. Think of Strike Anywhere meets AC/DC, never lacking a sense in melody and sing-a-longs. Their Hardcore/Punk sound comes along with both very personal as well as political views and offers some new ideas without just presenting shallow paroles and drained statements.

ASTPAI has been a consistently touring band for five years now, including destinations such as Western-, Central-, and Eastern Europe as well as the USA, Canada and Russia.
In a total of ten years the band has shared stages with numerous international acts like Anti-Flag, Flogging Molly, Leftöver Crack, Fucked Up, Paint It Black, The Flatliners, Dead To Me, The Casting Out (Ex-Boysetsfire) and many more.

ASTPAI will be putting out their fourth and strongest full-length "Efforts And Means" in early May 2012, just in time to promote it throughout the summer and on several tours on the European mainland, UK and North America.