Riekus: Drums & Vocals
Willem: Vocals & Guitar
Glen: Bass & Vocals

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Antillectual is a punkrock trio from The Netherlands that was formed in 2002. In their 6 years of existence they shook the world with their socially inspired melodic punkrock. In these long years we lost the count on the amount of tours and shows we have played throughout Europe and the USA. But it's somewhere in the four hundreds.

What started in a basement as an outlet for teenage angst, energy and an urge to create something of their own, has grown into one of Europe's best known DIY punkrock bands. Antillectual's music is a mixture of classic punkrock and rock/emo anthems wrapped up with political lyrics and an attitude. The band has toured or shared stages with some of the greats in punkrock: Rise Against, Propagandhi, Against Me!, Anti Flag, Ignite, No Use For A Name to name a few.

Having released their highly acclaimed album “Start From Scratch!” in 2010, September 28th 2012 sees the release of their 6th studio effort, “Future History”. This EP consists of 3 tracks that will feature on a new full-length release in 2013, as well as a new rendition of a song from their 2005 debut album.